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Domestic analysis instrument industry high-end development as an inevitable


  China Instrument Association, experts pointed out that the restructuring process of state-owned enterprises, the original R & D system is broken, but the new system and the channel has not been established. Loss of old technical personnel of enterprises, product aging, although the operating direction is improved, but still not enough scientific and technological innovation.While a number of restructuring, and flexible operation of private enterprise is becoming the new bright spot, but most have not yet mastered the advanced core technology, scientific research is weak, innovation, fresh with large foreign companies to compete. Compared with the high investment and high returns abroad in the field of analytical instruments, equipment industry in China R & D is weak, the majority of businesses to invest in scientific research and lack of funds, human and financial resources can not support long-term technical innovation. The analytical instruments industry had defeated in the contest of strong financial and technical strength of foreign products.Some people even believe that the 1980s, the technology gap of the equipment industry in China and developed countries has not only failed to shrink, but has been widening.

  Analytical instruments industry is the high investment in technology-intensive industries, local companies from the birth of means and an internationally renowned brands in the same industry face-to-face competition, but Business is war, the market can not wait for you to develop better products Wang Yan, Tianjin University, between the excellent performance, high precision, good stability of foreign products is still growing domestic product, the market will certainly choose the former., leaving very few opportunities for domestic enterprises. " that the cultivation of the market is vital.

  Shi-Qiang Jiang, agricultural instruments, China Instrument Society of Applied Technology Branch, executive vice president, our analytical instruments business technology base is thin, weak new product development efforts, are crowded in a few varieties, under the conditions of intense competition in the market today, the lack of industry the norms of healthy competition, in order to survive, had to reduce the performance of the instrument, competing to keep the prices down, resulting in a vicious battle, it is difficult to improve the instrument performance and quality.

  Gao Hongbin, deputy general manager of Beijing ng Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. said with deep feeling: "Now the market is expanding, the opportunity to increase business-critical to long-term strategic vision of improving the quality, brand building, business-to- long-term accumulation and investment in R & D, it is impossible in the short term returns. especially on basic research and development need to proceed step by step, click on the cross people for decades of accumulation. "

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