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LED standard tests at home and abroad the latest developments


  In recent years, the global LED industry at the same time the rapid development of LED industry in China has also made remarkable achievements.However, many of the LED luminescence properties in the test method and evaluation of traditional light sources and lamps are very different, a challenge to the world. As the basis for the development of the industry, standards and testing issues not properly resolved, bound to seriously affect the healthy development of the industry, the world's major developed countries (USA, Germany, Japan, etc.) are the LED standards development and detection technology development put in a very important position. They rely on their own advanced technology, and actively carry out the work of standardization and testing technology, on the one hand, to provide guidance for the LED industry in the country, on the other hand by virtue of their activities in the International Organization for Standardization and influence, to use their own research, influence and even dominate the formulation of international standards, which occupied the highest point of the international industry standard evaluation techniques, and leading the development of LED industry in the world.

  China also fully recognize that, under the guidance of the State Committee for Standardization, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and the Federation of Light Industry and other agencies under the coordination of the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Union") actively conducting research and communication, based on the LED characteristics and the status and development prospects of China's LED industry, the original formulation of a number of LED national standards and industry standards, and laid the foundation for further rapid development of LED industry and participation in international standardization work. Through independent research and innovation, our part of the LED key testing equipment has reached a very high-performance, standards development and industrial development has played a positive role in promoting.

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