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LED industry phased excess terminal lighting, lack of market demand


  LED lighting industry into a difficult situation, the lack of effective demand of the LED terminal lighting market, Zhang Xiaofei five solutions: first, called on the government to continue to strengthen efforts to end subsidies; production enterprises should continue to enhance the product cost; enterprise To identify the positioning of the product differentiation; fourth is to strengthen sales channels; business, government and other parties to step up publicity.

  As a private industrial research and media organizations and senior engineers LED has continuous launched the seventh Industry Forum, assembled 8th G20-LEDs Summit of the middle and lower reaches of the 20 leading enterprises in the industry is prepared from the first day of the forum the theme clear: the "war the imminent, Luanzhongqusheng,".

  "I can responsibly tell you that rumors of the end of the third LED business failures of the phenomenon can not occur, one of the reasons is sufficient industries and enterprises in the amount of money, we are most worried about low-end products, companies can often more flexible to maintain its operation. "yesterday in Shanghai at the eighth summit of the G20-LED, the Secretary-General Zhang Xiaofei Turning to the LED business survival predicament is clear.

  In a news conference before the summit began, the delegates that, in overall terms, the global LED lighting market performance in the first half of this year as expected. Since last year, the market generally overly optimistic forecast of the LED backlight market and its rapid development led general lighting, resulting in excessive investment into the upstream LED industry, also led to industry talent shortage and structural overcapacity.  Domestic listed companies semi-annual report shows that, the midstream packaging enterprises are facing the embarrassment of .

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