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Introduction of the instrumentation industry "12th Five-Year" development planning "


  It is understood that the past five years is five years, the instrumentation industry in China since the founding of the fastest growing.At present, China has become the largest and one of the countries of the International Instrument Industry, the largest instrumentation industry in developing countries, the most complete product varieties countries. "Planning" but also pointed out that the instrumentation industry in China is also the stability and reliability of domestic products with foreign products, there are obvious gaps, lack of capacity for independent innovation, concentration is low, corporate structure is irrational, and other issues.

  Things, smart grid and new technologies such as rapid development, food and drug safety needs in the area have also been highly concerned about the state energy utilization, environmental protection, more stringent requirements, the economic development environment is changing, these are for the instrumentation industry provides a vast market and new development opportunities. At the same time, due to the adjustment of the macroeconomic policy of the country's economic development and market demand changes in the structure, the enterprise must be conducted as soon as possible the adjustment of product structure. Domestic enterprises in the functional safety of safety instrumented systems , wireless sensor networks, wireless instruments, Internet of Things and other new technologies and new product areas has only just started, the technology gap with foreign countries is obvious, the industry is facing new challenges.

  "Planning", " 12 "period, the development strategy of the instrumentation industry as" enhanced innovation, pay attention to basic, market-oriented, to broaden the field of institutional innovation, optimize the structure, continue to promote the revitalization of industry. In the next five years, the whole industry will be high-end market as the goal, vigorously strengthen the ability to design, manufacture and quality inspection, so that domestic stability and reliability have been greatly improved; aimed at the national key projects and strategic emerging industries, industries service areas for traditional areas to expand across multiple emerging field; vigorously promote corporate restructuring, and efforts to build a number of "billions" leading enterprises and the formation of a group of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness; to strengthen the results already achieved continue to promote long-term investment, to maintain the continued accumulation of the core technology to form the mechanism of the sustainable development of the industry.

  It is reported that the "12th Five-Year" period, the whole industry will strive to make exports more than 30 billion U.S. dollars, exports rose faster than import growth. Meanwhile, the basic completion of the autonomy of the typical equipment in the field of petrochemical, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, rail traffic control system, and basically meet the needs of key areas to deal with environmental protection, food and drug safety, emergency public safety.

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