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Defects in the LED lighting product testing methods and improved countermeasures


  Traditional LED and its module light, color, electrical parameter detection methods have electrical pulse drive, the CCD rapid spectral measurement method, in certain conditions, after the heat balance measurement method, but these methods measurement conditions and results with the LED to enter the lighting are a far cry from the actual work situation within the apparatus. The article describes the Vf, -, TJ curve marked and control the LED junction temperature control set to measure the light, color, electrical parameters is not only how to ensure that the use of LED lighting apparatus of the LED junction temperature of the target limit, while LED module light, color, electrical parameters measured parameters closer to the actual application conditions.The article also describes a function of the LED lighting apparatus such as the measurement of the LED junction temperature and determine the limits of the LED reference point temperature and junction temperature. This provides an effective way for rapid assessment of the use of LED lighting apparatus of the state and life.

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  对Product standards and testing methods can not be first in the product development, however, product standards and testing methods should be followed by the progress of the product design and development, because the formulation of product standards and testing methods is in itself a product development Review of discussion and summary of the process, as long as the basic conditions mature, product standards and testing methods to develop more timely and more you can reduce the blindness of the product development process.LED lighting industry, LED lighting product standards and testing methods, review the summary of the time has basically come.

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