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Analysis of the four major trends for 2011 spring and summer lighting industry


  Lighting market is always dazzling, because the style a lot, modeling is also very compelling. And fast replacement of lighting products, new products continue to emerge. How to feel the pulse of fashion trends in an array of lighting? What style of lighting is favored by most consumers this year?  For the study of lighting trends for spring and summer of 2010, Bandung, Hui Yang lamps Lighting Plaza specialized in organizing a lighting expert, the market on behalf of merchants and the consumers Quartet comprising the research team, which lasted three months, went to the Chinese lighting production base - Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, hundreds of lighting manufacturers, a questionnaire survey, conducted a comprehensive evaluation and provide them with the latest lighting, combined with market conditions, sum up the most representative of the four popular trend

  Two trends: simple mood

  "Simple sentiment" emphasizes a simple and monotonous, simple but not lonely, simplified and full-featured as master of calligraphy, a handful of outline a few strokes, is a very enjoyable treasures.

  Representative: "Fox Shadow Fox line table lamp

  This year, spring and summer the most popular lamp "Fox Shadow Fox line, so simple that the only two lines: the base is an abstract linear stretches to a rectangular support body, the subject is a Fox line, the LED lights embedded in the Fox the top of the line.

  Three trends: color colorful arts

  Lamps because of the spring and summer season by adding color and art, and makes the eyebrows.This is the "Arts color colorful fashion trends to bring the unique charm of the lighting. "Arts colorful color" the artistic elements right into the lighting design, with clever color, so that lighting is not only a lighting appliances, and an ornament to the room to bring a different kind of warmth and romance.

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