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Market of intense competition about the lighting industry, network marketing


  10-year low-carbon economy has become the development direction of all walks of life, the lighting industry, of course, popular energy-saving light source, LED industry become the the new darling of the lighting industry. Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games major venues in the lighting system, highlights the rapid development of the lighting industry. Europe, America, Japan and South Korea launched by countries out of incandescent, energy saving lamps, LED lamps, the popularity of programs are being implemented.

  China is also street lights, interior lighting, and constantly develop new light, green lighting is changing people's concept of lighting. "Two sessions" to further clarify the low-carbon, the implementation of the national low-carbon subsidies, home lighting industry has ushered in new opportunities for development.

  Diversification of advertising, in some ways, is a measure of the scale of economic development. Because the ubiquitous advertising in the "short cycle" consumption, and promoting active market economy. To the ancient town, led by the domestic lighting market (Show map) In recent years, rapid development of thousands of light Guzhen Lighting businesses, coupled with lighting distributors, service providers lamps number of employees up to one million. The lighting industry from the TV, website, investment pages, search auction, blog, forums, messaging, e-mail and other various forms of advertising and marketing, coupled with the brand, product quality, price, service, etc., marketing, publicity, lighting industry into the real an era of fierce competition.

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