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Brief introduction to some basic knowledge of the lighting


  1, light (light)

  The nature of light is an electromagnetic wave, is part of a very small range of just the energy of a form in the entire electromagnetic spectrum;

  Light is electromagnetic radiation to the eyes, the visual nerve into the light, that is, to be part of the spectrum visible to the naked eye. Kind of beam wavelength range between 360 to 830nm, only a portion of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is very small. The temperature is much higher than 50Hz work temperature, resulting in a higher color temperature of white color table and better color rendering.

  2, the luminous flux (beam) of Φ (luminousflux)

  Light emission and the eyes of the energy received and is the luminous flux.

  Under normal circumstances, the higher the same type of lamp power, the luminous flux.

  For example: a 40W ordinary incandescent lamp luminous flux of 350 --- 470lm, a 40W ordinary straight fluorescent lamp luminous flux 2800lm incandescent 6 - 8 times.

  3, illumination (illuminance)

  Unit according to the surface of the luminous flux received illumination.。 Per square meter, according to the surface receives flux 1 (1m), the illumination of 1 (1x).Unit: lux (1x).

  1 lux (1x) is equivalent to the illuminated surface of the luminous flux as a lumens (1m) of the illumination. Summer sun is strong ground irradiance at noon about 50001x sunny day in winter when the ground illumination is about to 20001x clear moonlit ground illumination of about 0.21x.

  4, the brightness (luminance)

  Light in a certain direction the brightness is a unit of projected area of the light source in the direction of the luminous flux emitted in unit solid angle.

  If we put each object as a light source, then the brightness is to describe the bright light of the degree of illumination, just as every object the object to be shot with a piece of wood to illustrate, when a light beam to shine wood when we talk about wood how much illumination, and then the wood will be the number of light beam reflected to the human eye, called the wood of the number of brightness, then the following formula: brightness equal to the illumination multiplied by reflectance.

  An illumination of white and a black cloth in the same room is the same, while the brightness is different.

  5, the luminous efficiency (luminousefficacyoflightsource)

  The total luminous flux of light emitted by the light of the electric power consumption (watts) ratio, known as the efficiency of the light source.

  Unit: lumen / watt (lm / W)

  6, color temperature (CT-colortemperature)

  The color of the color of the light emitted by the light and blackbody radiation at a temperature of the blackbody temperature is called the color temperature of the light source, expressed in absolute temperature K (kelvim).

  Blackbody radiation theory is built on the basis of the thermal radiation, so incandescent a type of thermal radiation light source spectral power distribution of the blackbody in the spectral power distribution of the visible area close to all continuous spectrum, using the concept of color temperature can be described class color characteristics of the light source.

  7, correlated color temperature (CCT-correlatedcolortemperature)

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