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Lighting knowledge: lighting design reference


  (A) hospital lighting

  The modern hospital has a good lighting system is an integral part of the hospital equipment. Good lighting, to relieve the patient's negative emotions, positive effects for the treatment, can alleviate the medical staff of the mental and physical fatigue, improve work efficiency. inappropriate choice of lighting systems and can easily become the place of the bacteria, dust accumulation. lighting system of the hospital should choose low electromagnetic interference so that the protection of the life of the equipment is very good in the actual design, the older the patient's activity area illumination should be not lower than 500LUX, pharmacies vertical illumination should be strengthened in the public areas of the out-patient departments, corridor illumination should be not less than 300LUX emergency department should not be less than 500LUX. should pay attention to the emergency and instructions lighting in the consulting room , illumination must not be less than 500LUX emergency room should not be less than 750LUX these light sources are recommended TLD/80 fluorescent tubes. pharmacy area proposed using TLD/80 fluorescent tubes, so easy to distinguish the labels on the drugs. ward area lighting should be with Prism plate illumination control below in 200LUX. operating room illumination value should be recommended in 1000LUX-2000LUX region TL5, fluorescent tubes TLD/90. blood bank, laboratory, radiology room is recommended TLD80 fluorescent tubes, so as to meet on the color of the requirements.

  (B) The mall lighting

  Mall lighting purposes in order to attract customers and increase their desire to shop. Lighting design to highlight the mall, but also to highlight the merchandise. Mall lighting requirements of the general color temperature above 6000K illumination requirements 600LUX above and evenly distributed, the color Generally speaking, in the mall area, when the height is greater than 6 meters, using the point light source when less than six meters in height, the use of the linear light source (optical band) in the meat / deli, bakery, fruit, vegetable area, the illumination requirements of not less than 1000LUX mall lighting design is a highly complex, we welcome friends from all walks of life call to discuss.

  (C) of the guesthouses and hotels

  Hotel, the choice of lighting must be in line with its unique position for different areas, rational use of lighting and light, well-designed, can create a pattern characteristic of the atmosphere. Or brilliant, or quiet, or romantic, or cozy ... due to the diversity of hotels in different regions, the design space lighting not only to consider the basic illumination, yet to a different environment to configure different lighting products, both of harmony and unity, before they are allowed to create a good overall lighting effect.

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